Glen Wills and Glen Valley are adjacent to one another, for our purpose they are the same place. Once a town and very rich goldfield, today its peaceful and used mostly for grazing and recreation.

There are some excellent relics of the mining past to be seen, ask your host for a tour, nobody knows it better!


This is some of the machinery that helped produce the above returns.Gold, its amazing what was done to win the precious yellow metal.

1029 ounces of gold from 24 ton of stone. Spectacular to say the least. It must have been hard not to smile.
Ask about the “Maude” and “Yellow Girl” Its not just gold and relics, the fishing is great, the bushwalking is superb with abundant flora and fauna.

Winter was a harsh time for the miners but provides you with fantastic back country skiing possibilities. Ask your host, all will be arranged for pick ups and drop offs to the eastern side of the Bogong High Plains and Mt Wills.

A truly rewarding snow experience far from
the commercialism of the large resorts.

and yes, sometimes at Glen Wills you
only have to step out the door.